Stalking and harassment is behaviour that is repeated and unwanted by the victim.

The behaviours may seem normal and ordinary, however, when they are repeated they can be menacing and cause alarm and distress to the victim.

Behaviours include:

  • Frequent unwanted contact such as appearing at the victim's home, workplace, telephone calls, text messages, letters, notes, e-mails, faxes, or other contact on social networking sites like Facebook, Bebo, My Space etc;
  • Driving past the victim's home of workplace;
  • Following, watching or loitering near the victim;
  • Sending letters or unwanted 'gifts' ('gifts may appear 'nice' but could have a sinister meaning);
  • Damaging significant property belonging to the victim;
  • Burglary or robbery of the victim's home, workplace, car;
  • Gathering information on the victim by contacting people who know the victim, using public records etc;
  • Harassment of others close to the victim;
  • Threats to harm or kill (includes sexual threats) the victim or those close, particularly those who are seen to be 'protecting the victim' or acting as the buffer between the victim and the stalker;
  • Physical and/or sexual assault of victim.

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