8th Jul 2021 Training Guidance & PoliciesDocument

Domestic Abuse affects Everyone’s Business or Organisation

Video From Alpha Vesta

Domestic Abuse means different things to different people but 1 in 5 adults and 1 in 5 children are affected across our communities with the national cost estimated to be around £66 billion per year (Home Office, 2019).  Interestingly, we discovered only 75% of people across communities and workplaces know what domestic abuse is! There’s still too much stigma and stereotypes around it which creates big barriers and enormous impact.

The cost to the economy itself stands at around £14 billion per year which is directly felt by employers through lost work days, absence and lower productivity but also indirectly through mental health issues, distracted and frightened workers and low morale across a team.  Whether a business has 5 or 5000 employees, they will be affected.

Hear Lucy Whittaker, Founding Director of Alpha Vesta, explain why she and Alpha Vesta are so passionate about ‘breaking the cycle’.  This 15 minute video presentation explains the importance of reaching people sooner and how the workplace is not only already impacted by domestic abuse in complex ways, but also how the workplace could have a very important and powerful role in breaking the cycle for someone affected.

For more information on the work of Alpha Vesta, visit their website: Alpha Vesta