11th Jan 2022 SET Domestic Homicide Review Reports

AAFDA and AVA – DHR Resources for professionals and children/young people

AAFDA and AVA received funding from MOPAC in 2020 to develop resources that could build confidence of chairs/authors/panel members to ask about children and hold children’s views in mind throughout the DHR process. As well as an e-Learning package currently in development, AVA and AAFDA have created a number of resources:

  • A booklet aimed at children/young people and introduces the idea of domestic homicide reviews and sets out how and why children/young people might want to get involved.
  • A booklet is aimed at children and young people, as well as professionals for their knowledge building around trauma.
  • A resource is for carers of children/young people and focuses on the particular needs of children and young people who have been impacted by fatal domestic abuse.
  • A resource is for professionals working with children and young people who could be involved in a Domestic Homicide Review.

For more information and to access the resource library click here.