How do you know you have a healthy relationship? Ask yourself, ‘how does this person make me feel?’ Happy, excited, supported, loved, appreciated or sad, alone, jealous, worried, hurt or even fearful?

We all have disagreements and fall outs in our relationships, and when your relationship is healthy you can have disagreements that get sorted out quickly.

Like the video says – Listen to the Bees:

Bee Honest

You can be honest with each other and say what you think and feel and not be hurtful or spiteful when doing this.

Bee Open

You can talk to each other about things that are important without feeling worried or being judged for what you said.

Bee Respectful

You really listen to each other and respect each other’s boundaries and don’t feel uncomfortable, scared, or humiliated.

Bee Brave & Trusting

You trust each other without getting jealous, including being able to spend time with other people.

Bee Yourself

You can be yourself and feel comfortable doing things you enjoy, having different interests and spending time with other people.


If you are worried about any of your relationships and want to talk to someone, please reach out for support.

Relationships can be confusing. Especially if you really like someone but they do things you’re not comfortable with. We’re here to help you think about what feels right for you.” – Childline

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